Ma’am Tessie


Dear Ma’am,

                For months, you served as our second mother. For months, you shared your great knowledge. For months, you paint smiles in our hearts. But that’s until today.

                September 21. The day we longed for so much yet several had dreaded for it to come. Excited, because it’s your most awaited 65th birthday. Sad, because this additional year of your life forced you to live our school so soon, rest from everyday class work, and yeah, retire.

                Sometimes, I thought we were so unlucky. It’s still in the middle of the school year and you will be gone, like, forever. But I realized I’m wrong. We are so fortunate that we still have been given the chance to be with you even in just for more than 3 months.

                Thank you for teaching us on how to behave ourselves. Thank you for scolding us when our classroom was very untidy and you’d make us move and clean. Thank you for motivating us to be industrious and pursue in our studies. Thank you for all your support, your wisdom, and your love. And of course, thank you for touching our hearts.

                Surely, we will never forget your face, your smile, and all your sacrifices for us. We promise to treasure all the happy moments we spent with you.

                I love you very much, Ma’am! I will really, really, really miss you. I know we’ll see each other again someday. God bless! 



Mary Angeline Ponce



Dear Ma’am,

MAPEH is not plainly Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health. It could also mean Making All People Energized as Heroes. Heroes like you, our ever supportive teachers.

This subject is one that catches our interest the most. Maybe because we all love to listen to music, even though were not good singers; we have an eye for magnificent artworks, even if we’re not good artists. And of course, we all desired to have a physically fit and healthy whole being.

Thank you for the somewhat funny-but-good steps in warm-ups with matching “I’m Sexy and I know it” rhythm. It wakes every nerve of our body and refreshes our minds for the new lessons.

Thank you for the photocopies of the topics. It saves the inks of our ballpens at the same time our money.

Thank you for the group activities such as the jingle composition. It develops our creativity, camaraderie, and leadership.

Thank you for the powerpoint presentations, photos, and videos which are related to our lessons. It really helps us visualize and understand more the concepts of our study.

Thank you for the strenuous but fun practicums. These strengthen our bodies, sharpen our minds, increase our knowledge in sports and develop good sportsmanship.

Thank you for advising us not to lend our costumes with rent. It made us realize to care not only ourselves but other people, too.

By the way, thank you for our grades. We know we are the only ones who are making it, and you’re just our secretary. But thank you for giving us the right. We mean, thank you for grading us what we deserved and for not lying.

We’re very sorry, Ma’am, for arriving late in your class so often. Sorry if we are so noisy and naughty sometimes during class discussions. Sorry for passing effortless artworks, when in the first place, we can all be artists if we worked for it harder.

We will never forget you. Don’t worry, Ma’am. Someday, you’ll be meeting us as professional singers, Fine Arts graduates, MVPs and great athletes, and still living with healthy physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects.

And that we swear.

We love you very much, Ma’am! Congrats for receiving the Loyalty Award.






Standing in front of the youth

A man of God with lessons so cute

On the green background, there he’d write

Speaking intently, well and right.

Blood and sweat, he didn’t care

On the eyes of young people, he’d stare

Hungry for education, thirsty minds

He’d help the students hidden behind.

The extreme stiffness, the hoarse voice

These won’t bother them, of course

He and she would sacrifice

Just to share great knowledge and advice.

“Second parents” and “heroes,” they are often called

These aren’t simply words, but a goal

And for that we congratulate every mentor

Who got to the top and succeeded as victors.

Your determination, your love, your guidance

Your never-ending support and assistance

These vital things we pledge to cherish

You, heroes if mine, will never vanish.

“Tatag ng Wikang Filipino, Lakas ng Pagka-Pilipino”


Maliban sa hitsura, sa salitang gamit unang malalaman kung ano ang lahi ng isang tao. Kapag hindi pamilyar ang lengwaheng ginagamit sa kanyang pananalita, unang iisipin ng mga makakarinig na siya’y galing sa ibang bansa. Ngunit sa mga panahon ngayon, sari-saring wika na ang napapag-aralan ng mga tao kaya naman mahirap mong masasabi kung anong dugo ang nananalaytay sa kanya.

Ang wikang Filipino ang simbolo ng mga Pilipino. Ngunit sa dami ng mga bansang sumakop at nakaimpluwensya sa atin, hindi maiiwasan na pati ang pananalita natin ay naapektuhan. Ang wika rin natin ay nahaloan ng iba’t ibang wikang banyaga tulad ng mga hiram na salita mula sa Ingles at Espanyol. Maging ang midya at mga napapanood sa telebisyon ay nakakadagdag sa pagbabago ng isipan at damdamin ng tao ukol sa salitang tatangkilikin.

Hindi lang naman sa simpleng komunikasyon nagagamit ang wikang Filipino. Kapag nagsisimulang mag-aral bumasa ang isang bata, mga salitang tagalog ang unang itinuturo ng kanyang ina. Tulad na  lamang ng patinig at katinig at “ba be bi bo bu.” Maging sa pangangalakal sa ibang katutubo ay wikang Filipino ang ginagamit upang magkaintindihan.

Tayong mga Pilipino dapat ang unang tumangkilik sa sariling wika. Huwag nating hintayin na magiging mas magaling pa ang mga dayuhang naninirahan sa ating bansa sa pananalita ng wikang ito. Ipakita nating kahit gaano man karaming bansa ang makakaimpluwensya sa atin, mas matatag pa rin ang ating kultura, ang ating wika, at ang ating lahi.